Maker Space

Lots of interest in Maker Spaces. Yes, the old wood shop and home ec. rooms have been replaced with dance studios and math classrooms, but the need to do, make, produce remains. Some programs are formal classes or lessons within regular academics. Others are after-school programs or clubs. Some are just stuff in the Media Center available to use whenever the doors are open and users clean up after themselves. Well, maybe that part is wishful thinking…

Moving at the Speed of Creativity | Classroom Blogging Options (August 2015)
Like other kinds of technology, blogging platforms have continued to evolve and change, but the reasons why students should regularly blo…
25 Lego Learning Activities
favorite things about Legos, is the fact that they provide an open-ended opportunity for kids to create and engineer a wide variety of st…
Middle School Maker Journey: Shop Class Rebooted. . . Digitally | Edutopia
Picture “shop class” from yesteryear reimagined as a design studio with modern, mostly digital fabrication tools: Laptops an…
Our Makerspace Journey | Renovated Learning
This page is a collection of posts that document the journey of creating a Makerspace in Stewart Middle Magnet School in Tampa, FL. This…
Maker Club
Maker Club – is a journal about making things – mostly 3D Printing.
Making for All: How to Build an Inclusive Makerspace | EdSurge News
Don’t advantage one kind of building over another. Robots are cool, but the same technologies of micro-controllers, sensors, motors, an…
The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture for Tinkering and Maker Education | User Generated Education
” exemplifies the kind of passion and personal motivation that inspires innovation. We can engage students as makers who learn how t…
Maker Monday Origami and LEDS! – Flipagram with music by Pharrell Williams – Happy
lots of pictures of ideas and creations with oragami and LEDS but no instructions.
How to Build Your Makerspace | EdSurge Guides
ideas for stocking your space with resources from your arts and crafts closet, plus inspiration from educators working to bring makerspac…
Welcome to Maker Camp
2015 Maker Camp Themes 6 weeks of hands-on projects & cool field trips!”
Sphero 2.0 | Connected Toy for iOS, Android, and Windows
robotics, programing, clear shell – see insides, iPad and android apps
(99+) K-12 Fab Labs and Makerspaces – Google Groups
Welcome! Digital fabrication labs, maker spaces, innovation labs are popping up in K-12 schools all over the country (and the worl…
6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Makerspace | EdSurge News
a process that helps you think through your makerspace and how it fits into the culture and curriculum of your school. Skipping th…
Makerspace Resources and Programming ideas | Create, Collaborate, Innovate
resource list (adapted from a collaborative presentation with LISD librarian, Leah Mann) and year long programming ideas that I wil…
Evolution of a Maker Space, From “Monstie Stuffie” Projects to a Giant Catapult | School Library Journal
Macbooks. The students and I decided to host workshops on Garageband, iBooks, and the Mozilla Webmaker Suite. Arduino (a microcontroller)…
Burlington students win big creating Makerspace – Top Stories – wkrc
A place where you can go to create, design and invent.The space has a 3-D printer, a video room, audio room and a robotics room.&qu…
The Daring Librarian: Makerspace Starter Kit
“Duct tape, natch) For the Makey Makey Coding Corner I used an older iMac computer along with some aluminum foil….
Stewart MakerFair 2015 – YouTube
In May 2015, we held a MakerFair at Stewart Middle Magnet School in Tampa, FL to share our love of STEAM and creativity with our co…
Crafting New Narratives of Community, Connecting, Creating, and Parti…
Crafting New Narratives of Community, Connecting, Creating, and Participatory Learning at The Unquiet Library–A Makerspace Culture…
@theunquietlibrary – Delicious
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