1. Ice Cream & Airplanes

For some folks, owning and flying a small plane is much the same as enjoying boating or motorcycling as a hobby. It is not unusual to go flying just for fun for an hour or so to visit places of interest that are near airports, such as beaches, restaurants, parks, museums, etc.   Our  family loved to take short hops in our 1964 single engine Cherokee 160.  We would often go from our home airport in Burlington, WI (BUU) to the nearby airport in Watertown, WI (RYV) where there was an ice cream shop right next to the field.   … Continue reading 1. Ice Cream & Airplanes

Week 1 : Who’s Who & What’s What

Flying Adventures with Quin & the Twins Who’s Who & What’s What Week 1 One of the reasons I started this writing project is to share my flying adventures with friends at Burns Science and Technology School in Oak Hill, Florida. I got to know the students there when I spoke to several classes during their annual Aviation Week in 2018. At that time I was just beginning my training to become a commercial pilot. The students were very excited about aviation in general and had many great questions about my own personal experiences, but we ran out of time. … Continue reading Week 1 : Who’s Who & What’s What

Who’s Who

My name is Quin and I invite you to join me as I expand my skills as a commercial airline pilot and explore the world. My name is Sci. I’m one of the eagle twins who have been adopted as mascots by Burns Science and Technology School in Oak Hill, Florida. You can remember that I’m a female because my name starts with an “s” just like the word “she.” I usually wear bright necklaces or belts. My name is Tech. I’m the other eagle twin. You can tell us apart because I usually wear a blue T-shirt with our … Continue reading Who’s Who