science fair project

Science Fair Project Type your project title here Your name Your teacher’s name Your school Statement of the Problem Type your question here. (This is the question that your experiment answers.) Project Overview Type a brief overview or summary of your project here. Research Summarize your research here in three to five bullet points: 1st bullet point 2nd bullet point 3rd bullet point 4th bullet point 5th bullet point Variables Controlled variables: These are the things that are kept the same throughout your experiments. Independent variable: The one variable that you purposely change and test. Dependent variable: The measure of … Continue reading science fair project

python, LEDs

The Galaxy Dress – CUTECIRCUIT GalaxyDress for their permanent collection. The GalaxyDress provides a spectacular and mesmerizing effect being embroidered with 24000 full color pixels, it is the largest wearable display LED Cube 4x4x4 Amazing 3 dimensional LED display. 64 LEDs makes up this 4 by 4 by 4 cube, controlled by an Atmel Atmega16 microcontroller.Each LED can be addressed individually in software A Six-Pack of “Light” Beer | Popular Science self-sufficient garden lantern that is ideal for shedding some light on solving environmental issues. You will have to choose your bottle carefully, though. Clear glass rules. Table for Electronic … Continue reading python, LEDs